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2 Eiro | € 2.00
This coin shows the poet France Prešeren and the inscription “Shivé naj vsi naródi” (God’s blessing on all nations) − a line taken from his poem “Zdravljica” which is also used in the country’s national anthem. Edge lettering of the €2 coin: SLOVENIJA followed by an engraved dot.

1 Eiro | € 1.00
This coin bears a portrait of Primož Trubar, author of the first book printed in Slovene and the inscription "Stati inu obstati" (to stand and withstand)

50 centu | € 0.50
The Triglav mountain (2 864 m), inscription "Oj Triglav moj dom" (O Triglav, my home) and the constellation Cancer (Slovenia achieved independence under the zodiac sign Cancer).

20 centu | € 0.20
A pair of Lipizzaner horses with the inscription "Lipicanec" (Lipizzaner).

10 centu | € 0.10
This coin features architect Jože Plečnik’s unrealised plan for the Slovenian Parliament, inscription "Katedrala svobode" (Cathedral of freedom).

5 centi | € 0.05
Grohar's painting of A Sower sowing stars.

2 centi | € 0.02
The Sovereign Enthronement Stone (The Prince's stone), where Karantanian dukes were installed.

1 cents | € 0.01
A stork, a motif taken from the former 20 SIT coin.

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