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San Marino

Euro production per yermark

2 Eiro | € 2.00
The 19th government building "Domus Magna Comunis" (Palazzo Pubblico) is shown on this coin. Edge lettering of the €2 coin: 2*, repeated six times, alternately upright and inverted.

1 Eiro | € 1.00
The Republic's official coat of arms features on the €1 coin.

50 centu | € 0.50
The 50-cent coin shows the Three Towers of San Marino: Guaita, Cesta and Montale.

20 centu | € 0.20
A portrait of Saint Marinus (San Marino), based on a canvas of the Van Guercino school, 17th century.

10 centu | € 0.10
The 10-cent coin features the Basilica of Saint Marinus, 19th century.

5 centi | € 0.05
5-cent coin show the tower "Guaita", 10th-11th century.

2 centi | € 0.02
2-cent coin show the statue of liberty fighter Stefano Gallletti, 1883-1905.

1 cents | € 0.01
1-cent coin show the Tower "II Montale", 13th century.

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