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2 euro 2010

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Artikuls: GE2010BR
2 euro, 2010. The inner part of the coin features the Town Hall of Bremen, with the Roland statue in the foreground. The word (BREMEN) is inscribed beneath the Town Hall to the right of the statue. The mint mark, represented by the letter (A), (D), (F), (G) or (J), appears at the left above the Town..
Artikuls: IT10com
2 euro, Italy, 2010. UNC. 200th Birthday of Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour. Issue date: 3 march 2010 Mintage: 4.000.000 pcs...
Artikuls: SP2e10com
2 euro, Spain, 2010. UNC...
Artikuls: BE10com
2 euro, Belgium, 2010. The inner part of the coin shows the stylised letters EU and Above the letters is the inscription BELGIAN PRESIDENCY OF THE COUNCIL OF THE EU 2010 and below it the trilingual inscription BELGIE BELGIQUE BELGIEN. Underneath the logo, the mint mark is displayed to the l..
Artikuls: Port2010
2 euro, Portugal, 2010. The inner part of the coin shows in the centre the Portuguese coat of arms and the Republica effigy, two of the most representative symbols of the Portuguese Republic, surrounded by the legend Republica Portuguesa..
Artikuls: SL2010
2 euro, Slovenia, 2010. The inner part of the coin depicts the Rebrin?evolistna Hladnikija plant. On the left under the plant, its scientific name HLADNIKIA PASTINACIFOLIA is written in an arc. Around the image in a circle is the legend SLOVENIJA 2010. 200 LET. BOTANI?NI VRT. LJUBLJANA. The twelve s..
Artikuls: FR10com
2 euro, France. The inner part of the coin shows General Charles de Gaulle, in uniform and bareheaded, at a microphone typical of the time, reading the Appeal, in which the name of the country RF is cleverly inserted. At the top is the year mark and below it the inscriptions 70 ANS and APPEL 18 JUIN..
Artikuls: GR10com
Greece 2 euros 2010, 25th Centenary of the Battle of Marathon...
Artikuls: FI10com
Finland 2 euros 2010 - Currency Decree of 1860. Mintage: only 1.600.000 pcs...
Artikuls: BE10comblis
2 euro, Belgium, 2010. In blister...
2 euro, Italy, 2010
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Artikuls: IT10comblister
2 euro, Italy, 2010. In blister...
Artikuls: LUX2e2010
2 euro Luxembourg, 2010. UNC. Arms of the Grand Duke. Henri Albert Gabriel Felix Marie Guillaume is the head of state of Luxembourg. He is the eldest son of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte. The coin depicts a portrait of Grand Duke Henri facing right, and the Coat..
Artikuls: SP2E10CORDBLIS
2 euro, Spain, 2010. Cordoba. PROOF...
Artikuls: SM10com
San Marino, 2010 - 2 euro Commemorative Coin - Sandro Botticelli - The Spring..
Artikuls: VA2e2010
2 euro, Vatican, 2010...
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