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2 euro 2009

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Artikuls: IT09
2 eiro. Itālija. Emisijas apjoms: 2 milj. monētu. Motīvs: Luija Braila (Louis Braille) 200. dzimšanas gadadiena. Apraksts: Uz monētas attēlota roka, kas ar tausti lasa atvērtu grāmatu. Rādītājpirksts vērsts uz uzrakstu "LOUIS BRAILLE 1809–2009", savukārt divi lidojoši putni virs rokas simboliz..
Artikuls: LUX2009
2 eiro. Luksemburga. Emisijas apjoms: 1,4 milj. monētu. Motīvs: Lielhercogs Anrī un Lielhercogiene Šarlote . Apraksts: Uz monētas attēlots Lielhercogs Anrī un Lielhercogiene Šarlote. Pa labi no attēla vertikāls uzraksts "LËTZEBUERG" un gada skaitlis "2009". Tam abās pusēs – kaltuves meistara..
Artikuls: PT09com
Portugal, 2 euro coin "Lusofonia"...
Artikuls: BE09com
2 euro, Belgium, 2009. UNC. 200th anniversary of Louis Brailles birth. The coin features a portrait of Louis Braille with his initials, L and B, in the alphabet that he designed. His name appears above the portrait and, below it, the code of the issuing country, (BE) and the dates (1809) and (2009)...
2 euro, Finland, 2009
Artikuls: FI09com
2 euro, Finland, 2009. UNC. 200th Anniversary of Finnish Autonomy. The first Diet of Finland met in 1809 in Porvoo, so the coin shows a profile of Porvoo cathedral, where the opening ceremony took place, and (1809) written in stylised numbering above. To its left is the country code, (FI), and to it..
Artikuls: SK09com
2 euro, 2009. 20th anniversary of 17 November 1989 (Day of the fight for freedom and democracy. The coin shows a stylised bell with keys serving as clappers. It recalls the demonstration on 17 November 1989 when protesters jangled their keys to symbolise the unlocking of doors, an event which marked..
2 euro, Germany, 2009
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Artikuls: GER2com09
2 euro, Germany, 2009. Saarland...
Artikuls: BE2E09BlisBr
2 euro, Belgium, 2009 in original blister. Mintage: 6.000 pcs Quality: FDC..
Artikuls: SM09com
The European Year of Creativity and Innovation has the objective to raise awareness of importance of creativity and innovation for personal, social and economic development, to disseminate good practices, stimulate education and research, and promote policy debate and development...
Artikuls: GER2009MDM
2 euro, Germany, 2009, 5 coins In MDM blister 5 coins - A,D,F,G,J..
Artikuls: GER2009OFF
2 euro, Germany, 2009. Official blister 5 coins..
Artikuls: VA2e09
Vatican, 2 euro, 2009. Astronomia...
Finland 2 euro SET 2004-2009
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Artikuls: FI2ESET7
Finland 2 euro SET 2004-2009 7 coins: 2 euro 2004 The enlargement of the EU 2 euro 2005 UN 60 years, Finnish UN memb. 50 years 2 euro 2006 2 euro 2007 Independent Finland 90 years 2 euro 2007 Treaty of Rome 2 euro 2008 2 euro 2009 EMU Token...
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